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You are in the world of the Middle Ages, the age of the Crusades. Bitter religious conflicts and economic struggles have caused decades of oppression on the people fighting for predominance in the world. Many warriors have already paid dearly by losing their lives on the battlefield. However, participation in these wars has often brought honour and glory to many people and made them rich beyond their dreams.
Introduction and Basics
Playing the game is free. When you register, you decide if you fight as a Christian Crusader, Muslim Saracen or Pagan.

Through assaults, plundering and protecting you will gain experience points. If you reach a certain number of experience points, you rise up to a higher level. To become a better fighter, you not only need a weapon, a shield, a helmet, armour and a horse, but you also have to train your property values and those of your horse (if you have one) upwards. To do this, you need gold coins. To get the gold coins, you can work, plunder, protect or fight.

You can also earn many pieces of gold by recruiting new warriors! To do this, use your own link, which you can find under Status > Diplomacy. Send this link to your friends, put it on your website (you can find banners under 'Download') or use it as a signature for your forum contributions. If somebody clicks on your link and registers at Holy-War within 30 minutes of clicking the link, you will recruit a new warrior! From then on, you will always receive 10% of the gold coins that your recruited warrior wins in warrior vs. warrior fights or in order battles. The 10% is an extra bonus for you! Your recruited warrior will not be charged or put at a disadvantage by being your recruit. Additionally, everytime one of your recruits redeems a ticket you receive 3 days premium status. If you are already enjoying premium status, your premium status will be extended by 3 days.

When a player registers for the game through your recruitment link, they'll receive 9 days beginners premium status, rather than the normal 7.


STR - Strength
AGI - Agility
ATT - Attack
STA - Stamina
DEF - Defence

HP - Hit points
EP - Experience points
LP - Life points
OM - Order master
AC - Army Commander
SF - Security fight
V - Victories
D - Defeats
PM - Private Messages

AR - Arabic world
DE - German world
EN - English world
ES - Spanish world
FR - French world
IT - Italian world
NL - Dutch world
PL - Polish world
PT - Portuguese world
RU - Russian world
TR - Turkish world

Victories / Defeats: The ratio of your victories to your defeats.

Booty: Gold that you hauled from other players (not including arena fights).

Booty Ø: the average amount of gold won per successful fight.(Booty/Victories)

Booty (average): the average amount of gold won per fight (Booty/Total number of fights)

Item: any piece of equipment that you can carry in your inventory.

Unique Weapon: Especially rare weapons. For every faith there is a unique weapon. If the unique weapon is not in the possesion of a player (for example at the beginning, or if the owner deletes their account), you can find the unique weapon whilst plundering. If you defeat the owner of the unique weapon (only in a normal attack, not in the arena or in battles), then you take the unique weapon. A unique weapon has special values, which adapt themselves to the level of the carrier. Equipping the unique weapon of your own confession will increase its damage by another 10 percent. You can only find a unique weapon while plundering or protecting - or win one off another player from level 11.

Page Layout
1 Menu
2 Sub menu
3 Icon of your current page
4 Your faith
5 Your stock in gold
6 Your level
7 Your life energy
8 New events
9 Current page
Menu Icons (3)
Event Icons (8)
You are at work.
You are at work.
You are plundering.
You are plundering or protecting someone.
Collect gold
Collect gold
You are in the arena.
You are in the arena.
Army camp
You are in the army camp.
Level up
New message
(level up)
New message
New message
New message
(order battle)
New message
(Holy Battle)
Status Icons (4-7)
Stock in gold
Your stock in gold
Life points
Your life energy
Your current level
Status Page
The Status Page is where you will find all your character information. How many gold coins you own, which weapons, shields, helmets, elixirs and armour you have and how many warriors you recruited. You also determine how high your property values are (attack, defence, strength, experience, stamina, agility and life energy). You can also add your friends and foes here (e.g., an enemy attack through 'Diplomacy' costs 2 gold coins). You can also train your character to raise your property values.

When you click on Diplomacy, you can decide which player you would like to sit your account (up to 60 days), manage sitting invitations, and sit another player who has specified you as their sitter. As a sitter you do not have access to the following features: Profile, Diplomacy, Notebook, Premium, Expansion of Residence, Selling Items on the Market (besides Elixirs), Blacksmith (selling items), Order Management, Order Residence, Order Board, Order Diplomacy, Declaration of War, Sending Messages, Message Inbox & Outbox, Founding an Order, Sending Mail to Support, Deactivating Inventory Equipment (but they can activate better equipment), Fights between Sitter and Sitted. When you click on "log out" while in the account that you are sitting, then you will automatically be bought back to your own account. If the owner of the account logs in while you are sitting the account, then you will be logged out of the sitted account. You may sit only one player. You may not sit the player who is sitting your account. You cannot stop sitting for at least 24 hours. The sitter may not attack the sitted player for at least 12 hours after the sitting term is ended.

Under profile you can also change your faith and name. To change your faith or name, you will need a ticket. You can purchase tickets under "premium".

You can propose marriage to another player here. The courted partner may acept or decline the proposal. Your spouse will be displayed in your profile. The player who accepts the proposal requires an unused ticket to do so.

What's more, you can select the language in which you want Holy War to be displayed in the multilingual settings in your profile.

Under inventory you can also remove all your sales from the market. You can also choose which equipment you wish to activate or deactivate, and take elixirs. If you use the Quick Heal option, elixirs will be taken in order from largest to smallest. You will be healed to the point where the remaining Life Points needed to reach your maximum health, are less than the Life Points your smallest available elixir would regenerate. If you have a horse, it will be shown here and its property values can also be trained.

As a premium player, you may change the name of your horse (max. 23 characters).

Strength: the stronger you are, the more damage you inflict upon your opponent in a successful attack.

Attack: the higher your attack value, the better your attack technique and the more effective your attack will be.

Defence: the more defence points you have, the more you succeed in fending off a hostile attack.

Agility: the higher your agility value is, the better you are at dodging blows.

Stamina: stamina increases the number of attacks you can undertake during a fight.

Experience: the more experience points you have, the lesser the damage caused by an opponent's attack will be. When you have accumulated enough experience points, you rise to the next level.

Life energy: life energy shows you the health of your character. You can see the maximum value and your present value. You are fully fit to compete when both values are the same. Your present value will be lower after battles. However, your life energy will recharge over time: 1% of your max. LP per hour (minimum 10 LP per hour) when you're out and about, i.e., not at home; 10% of your maximum LP when in the army camp; and at the rate displayed under Residence when you are at home. Your recovery rate increases as you expand your residence. You can also buy elixirs for gold to speed up the recuperation of your life energy! However, up to and including level 5 you will automatically be healed completely after every fight.
The messages area provides you with an overview of the incoming and outgoing messages in your mailbox. You can also view all your fight reports here (attack reports, defence reports, battle reports, system messages). You receive system messages in the language you have selectedn in your profile. You can also send messages to other players, friends or your order members, and reply to messages you've received. If you don' delete a message yourself first, after 3 days it will automaticaly be deleted.

You can also request help from the Holy War Team by sending a message to support. Should another player burden you with insulting, offensive, or senseless messages, you should report them to support. Support then receives the message you've sent, and takes care of the issue from there. Misuse of this function may lead to punishment or deletion of the account.

As a premium player, you have access to a message archive where you can safely save up to 25 messages for an indefinite period of time. If your premium status runs out, the archive will be deletd the following night. Premium Players may add up to 20 players to an ignore list (under Config in the Shoutbox). These players will no longer be able to send you messages, and their posts will no longer be visible in your shoutbox. Premium players can also format their private messages. The following formats are available:

Underlined Text -> [u]Underlined Text[/u]Text in Italics -> [i]Text in Italics[/i]Bold Text -> [b]Bold Text[/b]You can find more information about the formatting codes in our FAQ thread in the forum.
To raise your stock in gold and your experience points, you can attack another player in a warrior vs. warrior fight.

If you attack, you lose the fight if your life energy sinks below 25. If you defend, you lose if your life energy sinks below 25, or if the hit points you take are >= 25% of your maximum life energy. If this happens, the worst case scenario is a loss of 25% of your maximum life energy. The greater the level difference between players, the smaller is the percentage of maximum LP required to bring the fight to an end. The range extends from 25% to 5% of the max. life energy. In the arena, both parties are treated as attackers.

Up to and including level 10, you can only be attacked by opponents whose level difference to yours is less than 4. This means, for example, level 3 may be attacked by level 6 or lower, but not by level 7 or higher. From level 11 on, you may generally be attacked by any player. However, everytime you log into the game, players whose level is more than 4 levels above yours, won't be able to attack you for 2 hours.

After a victory, you receive between 5 and 10% of your opponent's gold stock. You can attack the same opponent only once every 12 hours. You can start a new attack every 15 minutes (premium players every 5 minutes). You can be attacked only once per hour. For every battle against an opponent on the same level as yours, you gain one experience point. If you win against an opponent on a higher level, you gain 2 experience points.

You can also search and attack players from certain Orders. Simply choose "Member of the Order" and insert the name of the desired Order. Then a member of that Order will be displayed.

You can also win gold and gain experience points without necessarily engaging in a risky fight. For 10 gold coins, you can go plundering or you can offer your protection for gold. The difference is that plundering usually results in a higher reward in gold, while protecting normally earns you more experience points. You can choose the amount of time you plunder or protect in ten minute intervals: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes at a time. In total, you can spend 1 hour on these activities every day (Premium have 2 hours per day). While you are plundering or protecting, you cannot do anything else.
Here you can search for an order or join an order (from level 5 onward + same faith). As an Order member, you will have certain duties, responsibilities and but you can also enjoy some advantages. From level 15 and upwards, you can create your own order. An order foundation will cost you 1000 gold coins. This gold will be used for the order foundation and for a stage 1 order residence. You can expand the order residence as your order earns more gold through donations from members and gold won in battles. The larger your order residence is, the more members you can accept and the more allies can support you in city battles (5 allies per residence level).

As an order member, you will find an overview on all important order data on this page. The Order Master is indicated by a golden star and each Army Commander by a silver star. Each Order member's language is displayed with a little flag. On these pages, you can donate gold to your order (up to a total amount of no more than 10 x your level per day), leave the order (Note: if you leave your order, you must wait 30 days to rejoin that same order again, and may not join another order at all for 7 days less the number of days you were an order member - i.e. if you were a member for at least 8 days you would not have to wait, while the wait time may extend up to a maximum of 7 days. During this wait time it is aso not possible to found a new order.), view the order residence; under Diplomacy you can search for other orders or view order alliances, and read or write order messages. Each order member enjoys the possibility of seeing when their fellow member last logged in. The Order Master and the Army Commanders perform the administrative duties of the order, control order alliances and assign order members their titles. Valid characters for order titles include letters, numbers, punctuation marks and the following special characters (at least 1 letter):

♣ ★ * ~ $ / + } { @ ^ € † ▼ ▲ ♠ ♦ § ◙ ╥ ◘ ◊ ۩ ° ๑ ई ╬ ♛ ४ ₪ ʓ ☼ ◉ ✫ ◯ ☸ ⌂ ∞ ӗ ☩ Ψ ♫ ☆ ۞.

In this section, the Order Master may appoint and remove Army Commanders, dismiss order members or disband the order.

Inactive order members that did not log on for 60 days are removed from the order. The Order Master will never be removed and if the last Army Commander is removed the remaining Order Master will take over his post as well.

The order master may change the name and the abbreviation of the order. The change requires an unused ticket. The order name may be between 3 and 30 characters in length. The order abbriviation can be from 1 to 5 characters in length. Only letters and numbers may be used, and at least 1 letter must be included.

Order History: Order leaders can view the order's last 10 activities under Order Overview. The display shows: Order's Founding, New Members, Members Leaving, Member dismissals, Attack Victories, Defence Victories, Attack Defeats, Defence Defeats, Alliance Formations, Alliance Dissolutions, Changes in Order Master or Army Commander Appointments, Expansions of the Order Residence.

Declaration of War: An order may attack another order or cities of another order, if that order does not have a city. The following rules apply to declarations of war and city attacks:
- Only Order Masters or Army Commanders can declare battles.
- The declaring player must have Premium Status.
- The declaring player must not participate in another battle within a range of 59 minutes before or after the planned battle, as a player can participate in a battle only once an hour.
- An order can plan only one attack at the same time. The number of simultaneous defenses is not limited.
- The order must consist of at least 5 plasers which play from different internet connections.
- The same order can be attacked in the form of an order battle after 7 days.
- The same order can be attacked in the form of a city battle after 7 days + 1hr for each defendant.

Order battles:The order master (OM) and army commander (AC) may search for another order under Dipolmacy and declare war (cost: 100 gold; from 5 order members onward). An order battle can only be declared if the other order does not control cities which can be attacked at present. The victors can plunder between 40-50% of the defeated order's treasury. For 36 hours after a battle, an order cannot fight another battle. Alliance members may not be declared upon. If battle is declared on an order, the army commander and the order master will be informed through an in-game message.

The player who declares the battle is automatically registered for that battle. Every other order member has to register manually.

City battles: City battles are declared by the order master or army commander on the world map in the battles menu. Clicking a city reveals all relevant information about it: Which faction and order controls it, the city bonus, date and time of the last battle and if the city is currently attackable.

Depending on which cities your faction controls, their sphere of influence changes. You can display the sphere of influence on the world map. You can only attack cities in your sphere of influence that are either controlled by another order or by another faction. This means that you can not attack neutral cities of your own faction or cities of your allies .

Rome and Jerusalem are never attacked by orders and only fought for in the Holy Battles. The become attackable when the Christians control all Saracen cities, or if the Saracens control all Christian cities.

The battle takes place 12 hours after the declaration and the player who declared ii is automatically registered for it. In contrast to the order battles your order can only receive support from allies and mercenaries in city battles, but not from volunteers. The number of allies is limited: For every level of your order residence 5 allies can register for your city battles.

After a city battle a city is safe from further attacks for 24 hours + 1 hour for every fighter on the losing side.

City-Bonus: Every conquered city gives the controlling order or their members certain bonuses such as discounts on mercenary bookings or higher pay. Of these bonuses only 5 can be active at the same time, even if the order controlls more cities. The order master decides which of the available boni to activate.

Defence Bonus: Defenders in an order battle get a defence bonus equal to their order residence level.

Order Alliances: As soon as the Order Master or Army Commander adds another order to your alliance administration under Diplomacy, and that order confirms the alliance, an alliance is formed. Your order members will receive a notification (if they look at the members profile for this order) stating that they now belong to an order alliance. As soon as both orders dissolve the alliance, the alliance will be deleted.

Under diplomacy, the order leadership can specify which of the different groups joining a battle may see the army camp (mercenaries and volunteers). However, if the opposing order spies on the camp, then the camp becomes visible to everybody in it as well. The order also has the opportunity to choose a battle strategy. Each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages which are listed for you to consider. The chosen strategy applies to all warriors fighting for the order, whether the order is attacking or defending.

When an order still wants to accept new members, the order leadership can add it to the list of such orders under Diplomacy. Players looking for an order can then consult the list and apply directly to the order of their choice. Alternatively, players can add their names to a list of those looking for an order and order leadership may then contact the players directly.
The City is where you can purchase necessary supplies for your character. The following shops are at your disposal:

Blacksmith: Buy or sell weapons, shields, helmets and armour

Elixir Shop: Buy or sell all kinds of elixirs

Horse stables: Buy or sell horses

Market stall: You also have the opportunity to buy or sell all items at the market stalls. Often you will find a better price for an item in the Market, but you must be patient. Elixirs can only be traded in the market at the price 88% to 98% of the Elixir Shop price. In the Market, you can sell an item for the first time for 60% to 110% of the Blacksmith's price. You cannot sell your item for less than 60%. When you sell an item on the market which you yourself bought on the market in the first place, then you will only be able to sell it for 80% to 110% of the price that you bought it for. The item decreases in value when it is constantly sold on the market. These limits of less than 60% and more than 110% of the original shop prices cannot not be exceed. If you sell a horse on the market, it will lose its trained property values. As a premium player, you can sell more than one elixir at a time and you do not have to wait. Premium players can also use the market assistant. He will take care of your shopping. Offers will stay on the market for a maximum of 24 hours. Offers are then automatically cancelled and the item will be returned to your inventory. Your offers can be found when clicking on 'my offers'. Your offers will not be displayed under 'buy'

Interested buyers may send a message (all stalls except elixir stall): if you activate this feature when setting up your market offer, an interested buyer may send you a message. In this way, you can negotiate the price. Note: By replying to the message you will lose your anonymity, since the interested buyer will see your name as sender. A flag indicates the language of the seller, so that customers know in which language they should address them.

Market Assistant: Premium players can take advantage of the Market assistant. You can tell the Market Assistant which elixirs you wish to buy and the total sum of gold that you wish to spend. He will then buy as many elixirs that he can. He will start with the cheapest elixirs.

Work: Here you can put yourself to work. The higher your level, the better the pay. Your wage must be collected within seven days, else it will expire. If you are summoned to an order battle during your work time, and you cannot finish work, you will join the battle, and you will only be paid for evey full hour you've worked till then. You will be paid before the start of the battle. The same holds true if you enter the army camp prior to the completion of work. If you do not collect your work pay before the battle, it will be paid to you automatically and you will then go to battle with your pay. You may also stop working at any time, in which case you will be paid for every full hour worked, minus 10%. When you actively collect wages (not when you receive them automatically, because you are called into the battle camp, for instance) for 8 or more hours of work, if you are not already completed healed, you will be restored to 100% life points.

Mercenary Registry: Staring from level 6, you can offer your services as a mercenary siging up to the mercenary registry. Your offer will remain posted until you are either hired by an order, or 3 days elapse. The minimum asking fee you may demand cannot be less than your level x 10 gold, and the maximum asking fee cannot exceed your level x level x 8 gold. As a mercenary, it is your duty to go into battle with at least 90% of your life energy. Therefore, go to the army camp in plenty of time to recuperate, or strengthen yourself with healing elixirs. Otherwise, you will still fight, but you will not be paid and the order that engaged you will get the mercenary fee returned to them before the battle. If you participate correctly, you will receive your pay and a good reference, to help get you hired again.

As Order Master or Army Commander, you can recruit mercenaries to support you in battle (cost: 10 gold coins per arrangement). You cannot recruit soldiers who have another battle within 30 min. before or 30 min. after your battle. End of recruitment is 30 min. before a battle.

Arena: You decide on the amount of gold you want to put at stake. From level 10 onwards you can challenge others in the arena. If someone accepts your challenge, your opponent sets the same stake (at least 10 x level, maximum 20 x level) and you meet in the arena for a fight. The winner gets the whole stake, minus a 5% user fee for the arena. You can also accept the challenge of another warrior who is already waiting in the arena.

Team Arena: Starting at level 10, premium players can form their own arena team (cost: 1000 gold) and challenge other teams to face off in the arena. How your team has fared in the arena compared to other teams can be seen in the Highscore list.

To fight in a team arena fight you need team arena (TA) points. Premium players get 2 team arena points a day. No-premium players get 1 point per day. The points are associated with an account and are not reset when you change teams. The points are reissued everyday at 12am server time, and are nonaccumulating (you can't save them up over days).

Each combatant in a team arena fight may earn up to 3 experience points. At the end of the fight, your life points will be reset to the value you had before entering the team arena fight.

Note: if neither of the two team leaders are properly premium (free beginner's premium doesn't count), the team may neither issue challenges, nor be challenged.

Order-Arena: Orders can test their mettle against each other in the Order-Arena without having mercenaries or volunteers join in. Participants earn experience points like in normal order battles (up to 3 XP) but do not get any booty. Damage received in the arena fight will not carry over, and after the arena fight you will have as many life points as you had before entering the arena. The Order Master or Army Commander can register their order for the arena or accept existing challenges. The registration fee is equal to twice the sum of all order members' levels. Issued challenges last for 6 hours. Should no one accept the challenge or should the order withdraw its challenge, the registration fee will be refunded. Arena fights and order battles must be at least 60 minutes apart from each other. The fight will start 20 minutes after the challenge is accepted.

Tournaments: Tournaments are events which span across all worlds and languages, in which the participants duel each other in a K.O.-system until only the winner remains. The winners of each bout get a reward after every round and the two finalists take home an additional reward. Tournaments and Holy Battles take place in rotation every Sunday at 18:00 server time. Regsitration is closes 24 hours before the tournament begins. All players level 10 and above can take part.

There are three types of tournaments: The Gladiator Tournament, the Knight's Tournament and the Team Tournament.

Gladiator Tournament: Players face off against each other alone, without their horses.

Knight's Tournament: Players fight mounted on their steed. Without a horse you cannot participate in this tournament. You can to change your horse after registering but if you have no horse at the time registration closes you will be disqualified and your registration fee refunded.

Tournaments have a level-friendly design. After the close of registration, the two players with the most experience points form the first competition pair. In the same way, all other players will be paired off from top down according to EP. Likewise, leagues are then formed from the top down. Each league consists of 64 players, until only 127 players or fewer are left to be assigned to a league. These remaining players will form the last league together. All of a player's fights take place within the same league. Each player can then expect to be placed in a league relatively suitable and similar to their own level in strength. Each league boasts its own victor. Thus, there are as many winners as there are leagues formed in a tournament. Players who do not have 100% of their life energy at the start of a tournament will be healed completely before entering the first round. There is no healing between fights during the tournament, however. If you win a fight, you enter the next round's with the life energy remaining after the preceding round.

It costs 5 hours of work-wages to compete in a tournament. This means that you've already gained your fee back after just a first-round win. Small deviations are possible here when your opponent's hourly wage differs from yours. There are no healing costs involved. You emerge from the tournament with the same number of life points as you had at the moment before entering it. Players receive an experience point for participating in the tournament, and an additional EP for each victory earned. Player level has no impact on the experience points awarded in a tournament. If any fight in a tournament ends in a draw, victory is awarded to the player with fewer experience points. Besides the winnings taken off each defeated player along the way to victory, the winner of each league also receives a tournament victory point for the highscore board, and 10 hours worth of work wages in gold. The tournament runner-ups also receive a bonus of 5 hours work-wages.

Team Tournament: A tournament for arena teams

The team Doyen and Strategist can put together a team of up to 6 members. The player who assembles the team pays the registration fee of 5 hourly wages upon registering their team. Players picked for team must confirm their participation in the tournament, and along with the confirmation they have to pay their own registration fee of 5 hours' work wages. At least two team members must confirm participation or the team will be disqualified. In this case, the registration fee will be refunded.

The teams will be arranged in leagues according to the highest level player on the team and paired off with team boasting the next highest level player. All players will be fully healed at the beginning of the tournament. The fight is over when one team has lost all team members and the winning team will advance to the next round with its remaining fighters. Before the next round's fights, all surviving team members will be fully healed.

Experience points are awarded each fight like in a normal team arena competition. Whenever a team progresses to the next round, each player of this team (including those who are already dead)receives a reward of 50 percent of their sign-up fee. Members of the first and second place teams in each league win an extra gold reward. The amount of the reward is dependent upon player level, size of the player's tournament team (the smaller the team, the larger the reward), and what place the team came in (1st or 2nd). Members of the first place team also get a tournament victory point for the highscore board.

Highscores and Trophies: As soon as you collect a victory point, the win will be reflected in the highscore list and the trophy count in your profile will be altered accordingly. Trophies will be displayed in a player's profile as long as they have earned at least one. Highscore points and trophies for team arena competitions are likewise automatically accredited.

Betting: After the competing players in a tournament have been placed into leagues, from 24 hours before a tournament begins up until 15 minutes before a tournament begins, all players can place bets on who the winners will be. Information about player-stats can be gathered using the scouting feature (1 hour's wages per scout) to help you decide on possible victors.

The aim of betting is to win a jackpot. When the leagues are established, there will also be a gold jackpot set up for each league. The jackpot for each league holds a minimum of 10 000 gold; Once players place bets amounting to more than the basic minimum in each jackpot, then the jackpot will grow proportionately. That means, once a player places the 10 001st gold coin, the jackpot grows with every additional piece of gold bet by a player in this league. Bet amounts are limited: per league from 1 up to 12 hours' work wages.

If a single player bets on the tournament winner, then, regardless how much they bet, they collect the entire jackpot minus a 10% bookie fee. If more than one player chooses the right winner, then the jackpot is divided among them all according to how much each player wagered. For example: if player 1 bets 1000 gold, player 2 bets 2000 gold, and player 3 bets 3000 in this league, and the jackpot amounts to 20 000 gold, then each player would receive the following amounts in this case (the 10% fee is already figured in): player 1 = 3000, player 2 = 6000, player 3 = 9000 gold. All winnings must be collected within 6 days or they are forfeited.

Order battles cannot be declared from 14.5 to 10 hours before a tournament.

Tavern: With a bit of luck, you can multiply your gold here! In the tavern, you will find games of chance where you can bet and win gold.
There are 3 types of battles in Holy War: City battles, Order battles and the Holy Battle. The Holy Battle is fought between the Christians and the Saracens, where they try to shift the frontier to Rome or Jerusalem and ultimately conquer these cities.

City battles and order battles are fought between the player orders. City battle are fought for control over a city and order battles to plunder the enemies treasury. You can only participate in one battle every hour and you have to register for every battle you want to fight. This also applies for battles involving your own order!

If you are enrolled in a battle, you have the opportunity to go to the army camp. If you do not go to the army camp, you will automatically be drawn in 5 minutes before the battle begins. You will automatically take part in the battle equipped with your best weaponry. While you are in the army camp, you rest up for the upcoming battle and you cannot do anything else. However, you cannot be attacked, either. In camp, your recovery rate changes to 10% per hour of your maximum life energy, so that you go well strengthened into battle.

Order battles:On the Battle page, you see the upcoming battles and those battles for which you are already registered. From level 5, you may choose sides in scheduled order battles and support either party by fighting alongside them in their struggle for victory.

An order battle cannot be declared between 14.5 hours and 10 hours before the next Holy Battle or tournament.

City battles: From here you can access the world map with information about all cities and the current frontiers.

Below the map is a display of all declared city battles. The battles where you can participate are displayed at the top. You can only register for city battles of your own order or allied orders. Please note that you can only participate in one battle per hour.

Battle reports: For every battle, there is a battle report that is visible to all players, also those who did not participate in the according battle. These reports are found under "Battle" -> "Battle Reports". They get deleted after three days.

Holy Battle: In the Holy Battle Christians and Saracens fight for the domination of the Holy Land. If the Christians conquer Jerusalem in the Holy Battle, they have won the round and the map including all cities is resetted. The same happens vice versa if the Saracens conquer Rome.

From level 11 and upwards, you may participate in Holy Battles and support other warriors of your faith (Pagans must choose to support either Christians or Saracens). In a Holy Battle, you receive a minimum of 10 experience points, or twice as many experience points as you would in normal fights (whichever amounts to more XP for you). You also receive army pay (90% of your lost LP in gold) and a fighting reward (number of your fights x 100 Gold). Heroes of battle will also receive a hero's bonus (level * 50 gold). In addition, every player receives hazard pay (the more cities the opposing side has under its control, the higher the pay) and a religious bonus (the larger the enemy army was in the last holy battle, the higher the reward in the scheduld battle).

Note: the displayed bonuses involve projected sums which can change depending on the above mentioned circumstance up to 30 minutes before the start of the battle. So it's worth it to participate in the Holy Battles. If you are enrolled in a Holy Battle (end of enrolment is 30 minutes prior to the battle), you can go into the army camp (at the earliest 12 hours before the battle, at the latest 30 min. before the battle). If you do not go into the army camp, you will automatically be drawn in 15 minutes before the Holy Battle. If you are in the army camp, you regenerate for the Holy Battle, you can't do anything else nor can you be attacked. You may only drink elixirs and change equipment up to 15 min. before the start of the batle, after which time it is no longer possible. In camp, your recovery rate changes to 10% per hour of your maximum life energy, so that you go well strengthened into battle. More than one game world participates in a Holy Battle. Following a Holy Battle you are safe from attacks for 2 hours.

On the Map you can follow the progress of the Holy Battles which have already raged across the land, and those which are imminent. While in the History under the Map you can see the results of prior battles.

Battle Healing: When you activate Battle Healing, after every Order Battle (but not after Holy Battles), you will automatically be restored to the state of health you had before the start of the battle. This applies to every Order Battle you fight in, and enter with at least 25 Life Points at the start of the battle. You can activate Battle Healing for 30 days with a valid ticket. Every additional activation extends the use for another 30 days.
You can expand your residence in stages. The more your residence is expanded, the higher your recovery rate (your current recovery rate and defence value are displayed on this page). Your defence value also increases with the expansion of your residence and its surrounding wall. Your defence rate while at home increases with every expansion. (You are automatically at home if you aren't performing any action, e.g. fighting or plundering.) You can expand the wall around your residence only after the expansion of your residence.
To compare your character with others, use the 'High Score' feature. You can compare your statistics with other players using the dropdown menu. Search for high scores grouped by faith, order, arena team, or all players. On the upper right side of the screen, you can see your current high score position sorted by gold captured along with other statistics.

The highscore ranking is sorted by gold captured. The more gold you capture, the higher your high score ranking. You can also sort the high score by level, victories and defeats.

Apart from the highscore, you can also see the Hall of Fame. Here you can see the glorious deeds of your fellow warriors. e.g. Who won the last tournament, who has won the most tournaments etc.
In the forum, you can contact the Holy-War team and the playing community with your questions and comments. You will also find information about the game and the FAQs. In 'History' you will find information about past battles. It is important to us that you use the forum to post errors and inconsistencies you experience during game play. In doing so, you play an active role in the future development of this game.
After acquiring and redeeming a ticket for premium status, you immediately become a premium player. As a premium player, you experience the game ad-free with these additional advantages:

Premium Advantages

- Play completely ad-free with greater comfort
- Upload your own character image (max. 180x180 pixel)
- Fight every 5 minutes (non-premium is every 15 mins.
- As a premium player, you have access to more weapons, armour, shields, helmets and horses
- You can form your own arena fight team in the arena
- You can change the name of your horse
- At the market, you can sell multiple items (of the same kind) at once
- At the market, you can buy multiple items (of the same kind) at once
- At the elixirs stall the market assistant can help you find the cheapest deals
- You can plunder or protect 120 minutes per day (non-premium is 60 mins.)
- For every ticket that you activate, you get a bonus corresponding to your level of at least 250 gold coins
- Premium players can search by level when searching for opponents
- In your enemies list, you can see a countdown of when you will next be able to attack a player.
- You can access the notebook, where you can save important information
- You can work up to 12 hours at a time instead of 8
- You may use the Quick Heal option under Inventory
- As an order master or army commander you have the right to declare battle on other orders.

Under "Premium", you can buy and redeem your premium tickets or check your premium status.

Redeem a ticket for gold

If you prefer to receive gold instead of the Premium features, you can cash in your ticket for gold. Up to and including level 10 you get 1000 gold for every ticket. From level 11 on, the amount of gold you receive per redeemed ticket depends on your level; the exact amount is indicated on the Premium page. To redeem a ticket for gold, click the respective button at the bottom of the ticket overview.

Redeem Ticket for extra plunder time

You can also redeem a ticket for extra plunder (or protect) time. Each ticket gets you 30 minutes additional time. Just click on the button under "Redeem Tickets".

Note: All unused minutes expire at midnight server time.

You can find the available payment options for your country under 'Premium'

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